Status Area

VectorMan's vital statistics are shown at the bottom of the screen at all times during gameplay:

status area

Current Weapon: VectorMan can use six different weapons (see Weapons) throughout the game. This icon shows which weapon is currently active. It flashes when there is only a little ammunition left.

Lives: The dancing VectorMen icons show how many lives are held in reserve.

Health: VectorMan can take several hits before he loses a life. The filled-in balls represent the number of hits he can take. The

empty balls represent the number of times he's been hit. Empty balls can be filled in by grabbing a health point power-up. The total number of health points can be increased by grabbing a Max Health power-up. See the section on Power-Ups for more info.

Time Remaining: VectorMan has a limited amount of time to finish each level. This indicator shows how much time is left.



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