• D-Button UP:Move Up
  • D-Button Down: Move Down
  • Button A, Button B: Shoot
  • Button C: Jump
When battling WarHead on the levitating tracks, our hero morphs into a train. Try to shoot WarHead's grasping hands, but don't let them grab you!
  • D-Button Left: Hop Left
  • D-Button Right: Hop Right
  • D-Button Up: Hop Up
  • D-Button Down: Hop Down
  • Button A, Button B: Shoot
VectorMan takes on WarHead in the form of a cricket on the rolling mat. Hop around, and try to line up a shot at the villain's huge hands, but don't let the hands squish you.


The future of the human race looks hopeless when maintenance drones accidentally replace the orbot leader's head with a salvaged atomic bomb. All the orbots on Earth are immediately ordered, via television receivers, to stop cleaning up the planet and to start manufacturing weapons for an impending ambush of the returning humans. Only one orbot, a sludge barge pilot who was out of communications range, is unaffected by the evil take-over. You are that pilot: VectorMan! The only hope of the entire human race is for you to destroy the villainous WarHead: you must seek him out by following a trail of television receivers around the Earth, and then confront him in a battle that will decide the fate of humanity, and of the planet Earth itself!




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