• D-Button UP: Move Cursor Up
  • D-Button Down: Move Cursor Down
  • D-Button Left: Change Selection
  • D-Button Right: Change Selection
  • Start: Exit to Title Screen
  • Button A, Button B, Button C:
    • Choose Sound Test
    • Choose Music Test
    • Information Screen

From the Title screen, you can Select OPTIONS to configure the game.

SOUND: Turn sound effects on and off. Do this if you can't take the excitement of loud explosions.

MUSIC: Turn game tunes on and off This is useful if you have lame taste in music.


DIFFICULTY: Pick the one you can deal with: LAME (it's hard enough for most people), WICKED (you won't survive), and INSANE (no one comes out alive).

MUSIC TEST: Listen to all the cool tunes. Hey, it even works when MUSIC is disabled.

SOUND TEST: Hear orbots die in agony! Thrill to VectorMan's voice! Try to figure out what #25 is!

BUTTONS: If you prefer a different button set-up, you can change it here.

INFORMATION: Choose this option to take a gander at all the goodies in the game.



1:Cover 2:Contents & Mission 3:Controls 4:Morph Controls
5:Morph Controls & Boss Round Controls 6:Boss Round Controls & Story
7:Options 8:Game Info 9:Game Info & Power Ups 10:Power Ups 11:Weapons
12:Morph Icons & Bonus Rounds 13:Evil Orbots 14:Evil Orbots 15:Survival Guide