Game Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Author/Vendor Ultimate Productions
Released 1990
Game Type Platform
Language English
Turn H-Interrupts ON.
Gens (1.10)
Michael Jackson saves the kidnapped kids from mobsters, street punks, zombies, and whatever else happens along. Inspired by the music video anthology. Features digital renditions of some of the singer's best known hits from the 1980s - "Beat It," "Smooth Criminal," "Thriller," "Another Part of Me," "Billie Jean," and "Bad."

A fun game, even for Michael Jackson - not as good as other arcade games, but still mildly entertaining. It can't touch the original video, though. The best reason to get this is for the music. I may not be overly fond of the artist himself, but he did some great tunes back then, and they're well worth the listen.