GAME GENIE CODES: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker.

 No.  Code  Effect
   1  95LA-BA82  Magic costs 1/2x normal when walking
   2  99LA-BA82  Magic costs 1/4x normal when walking
   3  95MT-BA7J  Magic costs 1/2x normal when jumping
   4  99MT-BA7J  Magic costs 1/4x normal when jumping
   5  ADLA-BA82  Magic doesn't decrease when walking
   6  ADMT-BA7J  Magic doesn't decrease when jumping
   7  AFKA-BA8T  Start with 2 lives
   8  AZKA-BA8T  Start with 6 lives
   9  BFKA-BA8T  Start with 10 lives
 10  AXST-AA8T  Infinite lives
 11  JAEA-DA5C  Each child found restores full power
 12  AAEA-DA5C    Each child found does not restore any power
 13  BAEA-DA5C  Each child found restores 1/2x normal power
 14  AKTT-AA34  Advance directly to battle with boss!
 --Last Kid might be invisible, Walk to right of screen to finish.
 15  JBDT-CEYJ  Almost invincible
 --Michael only--doesn't work if he's a robot or on the last stage  

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