Game FIFA International Soccer
Author/Vendor Extended Play / EA Sports
Released 1993
Game Type Sports
Language Multilanguage
No Multi-tap (3/4 player) support.
Turn RasterFX ON. Minor graphics problems! (Shadow/Hi-light)
No Multi-Tap (3/4 Player) Support!
Gens (0.98)
Click Here for Multi-Tap setup!
World-class soccer, as only the folks at EA Sports can bring you. Its hallmark isometric playing field sets it apart from most of the competition, as does its range of options.

Often copied, rarely equaled. Any game in the series is a peach, although they tend to get bigger and more flashy as you go. If you're looking for a soccer sim and want more than just arcade-style action, then EA Sport's FIFA is the place to be.

FIFA International Soccer is the first, but not the last, in this series and the graphics are a bit crude when judged by its own sequels.