Game Columns 3 -
Revenge of Columns
Author/Vendor Vic Tokai / Sega
Released 1994
Game Type Puzzle
Language English
No Multi-tap (3/4/5 player) support.
No Multi-tap (3/4/5 player) support.
Gens (0.99)
Only partial Multi-tap support, 3/4/5 Player not working!
This has long been regarded as the nemesis of Tetris. Arrange the falling jewels to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal group of three of the same color.

This has a more serious atmosphere than most puzzle games, and the graphics are beginning to show their age. Great gameplay, though.

Columns 3 - Revenge of Columns, aka Super Columns - minor improvements throughout and a brief stab at plot ala Puyo Puyo.

If you are wondering about Columns 2 it does not exist for the Sega Genesis.