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Based on the "G3" by the Scribe. Also see the "G3O" the Scribe's own Online Version of the G3.


27th October 2000

Sorted out the problems with last weeks update (the icons along the bottom of pages with Game Genies etc. wern't centered!). Updated the 0-A section to match.

Added Sonic's Secrets for: Barkley Shut Up & Jam! 2, and Bart V's the Space Mutants.

New screenshots for Barkley Shut up & Jam! 2.

Updated KGen Compatability notes for Barkley Shut up and Jam 2!

Updated Gens compatability notes for: American Gladiators, Art of Fighting, Battle Frenzy/Bloodshot, Beast wrestler, Tale Spin, Thunder Force 4, Toki/JuJu, Truxton / TatsuJin, Twin Hawk, World Championship Soccer 2.


20th October 2000

Well it's week three back at work on the G.P. and I still haven't finished the Sonic's Secret files for the B's! There are still 13 games to check (ironic number really!) and most of them are fairly difficult to do practically needing me to play the games all the way through. I have decided to post the Sonic's Secrets that have been finished in the meantime for you to look over, just look for the 'S' in the right hand column.

Also added Game Genie Codes for Back to the Future Part 3.

And finally I locked the text to the same size as the info boxes, so every page (in the B's) should look the same in any resolution.


13th October 2000

Two updates in two weeks, this could become habit forming! Just a small one again for this week, I added the four 'missing' games from the B's:     Barver Battle Saga, Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition, Berzerk, and Breath of Fire 3.

Updated compatibility notes (using Gens 0.81) for: Barkley Shut up & Jam 1 & 2, Battletoads, Beavis & Butthead, Beyond Oasis, BioHazard Battle, Bonkers, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Brutal - Paws of Fury, Bubsy, & Burning Force.

I then found myself with a spare half hour which I decided wasn't long enough to start on any of the remaining Sonic's Secrets in the B's (I really must get round to doing those!) so I tidied up the contents page for the C's instead.


6th October 2000

Wow, an update at last! The reason for such a long break? Well I've been very busy with other things over the last few months and haven't seemed to be able to find any time/enthusiasm to work on the G.P. apart from answering the odd e-mail (O.K. so I was feeling lazy!). In fact this update is a little later than originally planned because when I got back off holiday a few weeks ago the G.P. Laptop died (It's fixed again now though). Enough excuses, lets get on with it....

Dave Running got in touch with us a few months back asking about Twin Cobra which he used to enjoy playing on his Genesis, he also mentioned that he still had the manual somewhere which he has been kind enough to scan in (at great personal expense... he went to an internet cafe to do it). As usual the screenshots didn't come out too well, let's face it Genesis manuals on the whole are pretty crappy and the pictures are barely recognizable in the original manuals themselves, so I've replaced some of them with screen shots taken in Genecyst to improve matters a little. Also the Twin Cobra review replaces the Kyuukyou Tiger review (Japanese version).

Fixed the Links section.

The Sonic Secret's section for the B's is almost finished now so I should hopefully be able to get it ready in the next few weeks, although I can't promise to devote as much time to the G.P. as I used to do (I was spending 5 hours+ a day on it!) so don't expect updates to be as frequent as they were in the past. (it shouldn't take another 3months though!)