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Based on the "G3" by the Scribe. Also see the "G3O" the Scribe's own Online Version of the G3.

News May 2001.

25th May 2001

Have we got a good update for you this week, it recently came to my attention that a Chinese company has started producing a new handheld game system using Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive hardware called the 'Mega Drive 3'. I (Red5) managed to track a PAL unit down and we have a full review with photos of the unit waiting for you in the F.A.Q. section (I couldn't really think where else to put it!) or you can CLICK HERE to go straight to the review.

Added 3 more Manual Scans by Mohammed Rahim, AKA DJ Mo: Contra Hard Corps, Mega Turrican and Mortal Kombat.

Also earlier this week Tim Meekins released Retrodrive, an update of his Mega-Dive/32x emulator previously known as GensX and Vegas. Genesis/Mega-Drive support now seems very good but the 32x side of things is still a bit slow although it is improving.


19th May 2001

Just a quick NewsFlash today, our affiliate site Retro Base has just this minute posted their eagerly awaited SNES/Super Famicom section with screenshots for 1950 games! Why not go pay them a visit.


18th May 2001

Checked all the F's with Gens v0.98 & rechecked them with KGen and Genecyst.

Updated compatibility notes: F1, F1 Circus MD, Fantastic Dizzy, Fastest 1, Fatal Fury 2, Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge, Fifa International Soccer, Fifa Soccer '95, Fifa Soccer '96, Fifa '97 Gold Edition, Fifa Road to World Cup 98, Foreman for Real, Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball, Frogger, Fun Car Rally.

Added another missing review for FengshenYingjiechuan.

Added Screenshots for Fifa Road to World Cup 98 and Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball.

Found 5 more working Multi-Tap Games in Gens: Fifa International Soccer, Fifa Soccer '95, Fifa Soccer '96, Fifa '97 Gold Edition, Fifa Road to World Cup 98.

New Manual Scans by Mohammed Rahim, AKA DJ Mo: Block-Out, Flashback, Ms. Pac Man, Paperboy 2. Also I've got the next batch sitting in my in box so you can look forward to those for next week. Mohammed is currently looking for Alien Soldier and Power Drive Cartridges at the moment because they were never released in the USA, if you have either of these gathering dust in loft please and are willing to part with them (for a reasonable price) either contact us here or drop Mohammed an e-mail.

Oops! I should have put this in last weeks news but I forgot, Cybergoth gave us a listing over at  Cybergoth's Emulation Domain. If you've never been there you really should bookmark his site as it can be extremely useful from time to time, if your looking for us there we're in the 'best of the best' section :) [Cheers Cybergoth, sorry I forgot about you last week.)

Looking for some nice CD Covers for your Genesis roms? Why not take a look at Retrocovers which I stumbled across last weekend, they've got some really awesome front and back covers for most of the top emu's and they plan on doing some CD labels soon as well.


12th May 2001

Many of you will have noticed that most of the Kaillera servers are now running v0.8 which is incompatible with the v0.7 Client which Gens currently uses, this means you can't play on most of the servers. Master posted a solution on the Gens forum which I'm happy to say does work....

You will now be able to enter the v0.8x game servers but there's one more thing you need to know before you play....

The new Kaillera Client has a drop down menu at the bottom-right of the window called "Connection Type", when you want to play a game online both players should be using the SAME TYPE or the game will rapidly desync!

Thanks to Master for the original post and also to Siouxx who helped me test it online (we had a pretty good game of micro machines).

Now for the site update, DezE was finally able to tear himself away from Mechwarrior 4 for long enough to scan the manual for Crue Ball. They're pretty big and you really need to be in 1024x768 or higher to get the most out of them.

Last weekend we were contacted by Mohammed Rahim, AKA DJ Mo, asking us if we could post more manual scans, I explained we only have a few and have to rely on other people to donate manuals or scans for the site. It turns out he has 50 manuals which he is now kindly scanning in for us (Thanks Mohammed). The first two, Bio-Hazard Battle and Lightning Force, are online already and I have another 3 sitting in my in-tray which I'm hoping to have ready for you all next week. If anyone else out there is willing to donate their time and scan in some of their old manuals it would be greatly appreciated.


7th May 2001

Checked all the E's with Gens v0.98 & rechecked them with KGen and Genecyst.

Updated compatibility notes: E-Swat, Ecco Jr., Ecco 2, Elemental Master, ESPN Sunday Night NFL, Eternal Champions, European Club Soccer, Evander Holyfield's "Real Deal" Boxing, Ex-Mutants, Exile.

I have updated the reviews for the ECCO the Dolphin games as I was never happy with the original ones from the G3. The original reviews also refered to a mysterious C64 game from which ECCO drew it's inspiration but I have no idea what it is (or even if it actually exists!) so those references have been removed. (I'm bound to innundated with mail about that now)

A new HTML Manual is now online for Bonanza Bros. - Thanks to our affiliate site Sega Forever for the scans and text versions to work from.

I tidied up the G-h's and added the .Pat files which you can download as usual. (Thanks to Darkwolf over at Sega Forever for doing the H's)

Rechecked reference roms with GoodGen0.0_9993, the following roms were renamed:
 Old Name  New Name
 16 Tiles Mahjong () [x]  16 Tiles Mahjong () [c]
 777 Casino () [x]  777 Casino () [c]
 Sumo Wrestling (Aah! Harimanada) (J)  Aah! Harimanada (J)
 Action 52in1 (JUE)  Action 52in1 (JUE) [h1]
 Air Diver () (USA - Seismic) [!]  Air Diver () [R-USA][!]
 Another World (Out of this World) (EUROPE) [!]  Another World (EUROPE) [!]
 Beyond Oasis (Story of Thor, The) (4) [!]  Beyond Oasis (4) [!]
 Bio-Hazard Battle (Crying) (Sept 1992) (UE) [!]  Bio-Hazard Battle (Sept 1992) (UE) [!]
 Blood Shot (Battle Frenzy) (UE) [!]  Blood Shot (UE) [!]
 Body Count (E)  Body Count (E) [!]
 Brian Lara Cricket (E) [c][!]  Brian Lara Cricket (Mar 1995) (JE) [h1]
 Brian Lara Cricket 96 (E) [c]  Brian Lara Cricket 96 (Apr 1996) (E) [c]
 Captain Planet and the Planeteers (U)  Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Dec 1992) (U)
 Contra - Hard Corps (Mega Probotector) (UJ) [!]  Contra - Hard Corps (UJ) [!]
 Daffy Duck in Hollywood (JUE)  Daffy Duck in Hollywood (JUE) [!]
 Darius 2 () [a]  Darius 2 () [h1]
 Dashin' Desperadoes (Rumble Kids) (U) [!]  Dashin' Desperadoes (U) [!]
 Davis Cup World Tour Tennis 2 (U) (beta 7-28-94) [h]  Davis Cup World Tour Tennis 2 (U) (beta 7-28-94) [h1]
 Daze Before Christmas, The (JUE) [a]  Daze Before Christmas, The (JUE) [a1]
 Dominus (JUE) [o1][x]  Dominus (JUE) [o3][x]
 Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck (JUE) [!]  Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck (REV 00) (JUE) [!]
 We're Back! - A Dinosaur's Tale (U) [a]  We're Back! - A Dinosaur's Tale (U) [a1]


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