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8th March 2005

Welcome back to the Genesis Project! I can't believe almost 2 years have passed since I last updated the site (in April '02), and it's been about 18 months since I did any work on it at all.Many of you may be wondering what happened to the Genesis Project in the first place...

First of all I'd kind of lost interest in running the site for various reasons, it had become a full time job in and of itself and what's worse I wasn't being paid, in fact it was costing me a fair amount of my hard earned cash just to keep the site up and running. The final straw that broke the proverbial camels back though was broadband, prices had fallen to the point where I could finally justify the cost, but I had to face a difficult choice - continue with the Genesis Project or get broadband, doing both wasn't an option, needless to say broadband won (sorry!).

So, onto the next question, why is the Genesis Project back now? Well I've recently been donated some space/bandwidth here at work to put the site on, for free! However it wasn't all plain sailing getting it all up and running again because my main PC suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure at the end of last year taking the Genesis Project files with it in the process. I have a few backup CD's knocking around so I wasn't too worried about it at the time, but after searching through all the backups I could lay my hands on the most recent copy of the site I could find was from mid-2000, D'oh! Fortunately after a bit of  cursing and swearing I managed to get my old laptop working which has a pretty much up to date copy of the site on it, let me tell you transferring 130MB+ of data on old (read: unreliable) 1.44MB floppy disks is a right royal pain in the rear! Some of the work I had done, several Mega-CD reviews and manual scans for the most part, has sadly been lost forever however this archive still contains everything that was online at the time of the site's closure and some never previously released content. I don't have an accurate list of the changes (two guesses where my blog list was!) you'll just have to take my word for it!

One change I have made from the old layout is with the manual scans, most of these are now in Comic Book Zip (.cbz) format and can be downloaded to read at your leisure. To view them you will need to download CDisplay, alternatively you can change the file extension from .cbz to .zip and extract the images as you would with any other .zip file.

As an added "bonus" I thought I'd show you some of the stuff I'd been working on towards the end of the Genesis Project's life. First of all there is the SNES Project, yes you did read that correctly I was working on a SNES version of the Genesis Project! I'd been working on this for about a year on & off and it went through several design revisions during that process before being abandoned. All the work wasn't entirely wasted, at least from the layout/HTML code design standpoint, as much of that became the basis for the Big Book of Game Genie Codes. After completing the Big Book I decided that the Genesis Project needed a facelift so I went back to the SNES Project design docs and did some further work on the layout until I came up with the V5 specification of the site (this is the V3 spec., and V4 was the SNES Project layout). This idea was also eventually abandoned because of the sheer amount of time/work that would be involved in changing every single page in the database (by hand!).

You've probably noticed that there is no e-mail support on the site anymore, that's because I don't want an in-box full of viruses again! If you want to contact me, to report dead/broken links etc., head on over to our affiliate site  Eidolon's Inn and leave a message on the Tavern messageboard. (Many thanks to Eidolon for kindly allowing me to hijack the Tavern)

I hope you all enjoy the Genesis Project,

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