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Based on the "G3" by the Scribe. Also see the "G3O" the Scribe's own Online Version of the G3.


31st March 2000

As promised the first half of the S's are now ready for you to browse through. Hopefully the rest will be ready in 2 weeks time - in fact I didn't get quite as far as I wanted to this week, it took ages to get the screenshots for all the Sonic games!

On to other Genesis related news now:

Gens v0.36 was released earlier this week, this is currently (in my opinion) one of the best WinDoze based emulators and definitely worth a try if you haven't downloaded it yet.

BWB from Emulation HQ contacted us earlier this week asking us if we could help Atani - maintainer of the WinDoze port of Generator - because he needed someone to do some rom/beta testing and BWB already had too many other commitments. I have been in touch with Atani since and offered him some help (quite when I'm going to fit it in I'm not sure!). This is another promising new emulator and the current release candidates for version 0.13b are looking much better already with the palette problems sorted out and sound included. I also took the opportunity to ask him about his SegaEMU emulator which he was working on and he says that this project is not dead but merely sleeping until he gets the WinDoze port of Generator32 working up to the point where he feels happy with it. You can find Atani's page HERE for further information about both of these Sega emulators.


24th March 2000

No update as such this week because, as predicted last week, the S's are taking a long time to get ready. I'm on target at the moment to be able to put up the first half of these up next week though.

To make up a little for this we've put up something that has actually been ready for a while - a (partial) manual scan for Disney's Lion King.

Chris at Digital Relicts pointed out that the links were a little hard to read (blue on black), a problem I was actually aware of but never got round to fixing. This has now been changed to yellow (and green for visited links) which should make it a bit easier on the eyes. He also said our file scroller was a bit slow - this one just won't go away will it!! Ok, I give in, there is now an alternative version - click on the HTML button on the left there and see if you like the new version any better.

And finally for this week I added a link to the Gens homepage. If you haven't tried this new emulator yet you should go there immediately and download it! The new version which was released earlier this week (v0.34) is fantastic with good graphics and sound and fairly high compatibility, also it's pretty fast (for a WinDoze emulator at least!). The main thing it's missing at the moment is joystick support, but Stéphane assures me that this is high on the list for being fixed and I for one can't wait for the next release.


19th March 2000

You may have seen the news about the SEGA AGES emulator earlier this week, Quinntesson thinks the reason he's stuck on 32X emulation is because of incomplete G/MD compatibility. I have been in touch with Quinntesson since and offered to to some Beta testing for him to help him speed up development and to write up a compatibility chart, which I hope to have ready at the same time as AGES is released. He's obviously working very hard on this at the moment, I already received an updated version which fixes some graphics problems, so hopefully it shouldn't be to long before we see a first public release.In the meantime here are a couple of screenshots of AGES in action.

Also I fixed the timing on the RangerX screenshots, added a walkthrough for Ristar, and added links to SEGA AGES, SEGA HAVEN, and DIGITAL RELICTS, why not go and visit these other great Sega related sites.


17th March 2000

Well we missed our deadline (again) last week but you'll be glad to hear that the R's are finally ready now. As usual you can just click on the up arrow over on the left there.

I just started work on the S's yesterday and going off recent progress I'm guessing that it's likely to take 4 to 5 weeks to get these finished! (That's one big directory!) Don't panic though because we will probably post what we have managed to do at either weekly or fortnightly intervals rather than doing one huge update this time.


3rd March 2000

Well that's the end of another hectic week.

The P's & Q are finally up! (You can just click on the up arrow from 0-A if you want to go straight to these files.)

Also added the following reviews: Ferias Frustadas de Pica-Pau, Jerry Glanville's Pigkin Footbrawl,  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,  and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie.

Dez-E will be giving me the R's sometime this weekend so I can try and get them finished for next week, and in the meantime he will be making a start on the S's.