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Based on the "G3" by the Scribe. Also see the "G3O" the Scribe's own Online Version of the G3.

News June 2001.

22nd June 2001

Checked all the H's with Gens & rechecked them with KGen and Genecyst.

Updated compatibility notes: Hardball!, Hardball 3, Hardball 95, Haunting starring Polterguy, Head-on Soccer/Fever Pitch, Heavy Nova, Herzog Zwei, High Seas Havoc, Home Alone, The Hybrid Front.

Does anyone out there know if Head-On Soccer/Fever Pitch is a Multi-Tap game? It looks like it might be but if it is then it's not working properly in Gens.

There is currently one game missing from the H's... Hercules.

Screen shot courtesy of the Genesis Collective

I got in touch with Snorter over at the Genesis Collective who confirmed that this an unreleased Genesis Power dump and here's what he had to say about it:

"From the screenshots of this game on the Genesis Collective it appears that this is a pirate hack of Dahana Megami Tanjyo, is this correct?"

"The ONLY difference is the title screen. What a lame excuse for a hack - 'Hercules in drag' as Dahana."

OK, that clears that up, not a very important dump and were not missing anything special. BTW please DON'T bug Snorter (or any of the other former members of Genesis Power) about this or any other unreleased dumps, they made their reasons for closing Genesis Power quite clear and I think we should all respect their decision.

Added another missing review for Madden NFL '94.

Found 1 more working Multi-Tap Game in Gens: Madden NFL '94.

Added one more Manual Scan by Mohammed Rahim, AKA DJ Mo: Madden NFL '94.

Added the .Pat files for X-Z including a missing set of codes for X-Men 2 - Clone Wars, they're ready for you to download as usual. Thanks to Darkwolf over at Sega Forever for doing them for you.

Also this week Tim Meekins released a new version of Retrodrive (Genesis 32X emulator) with a brand new emulation Core. This apparently improves the overall speed of the emu although I haven't tried it myself (yet!).


15th June 2001

Stef released a new version of Gens (v0.99a) the other day which fixes problems with Netplay, apparently he had deactivated a few lines of code whilst he was testing v0.99 and forgot to reactivate them before releasing it, the end result being broken Netplay.

Checked all the G's with Gens & rechecked them with KGen and Genecyst.

Updated compatibility notes: Gaiares, Galahad, Galaxy Force 2, Garfield - Caught in the Act, Gauntlet 4, General Chaos, Genghis Khan 2 - Clan of the Grey Wolf, George Foreman's KO Boxing, Ghostbusters, Gleylancer, Golden Axe 2, Golden Axe 3, Granada, The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey & Minnie, The Great Waldo Search, Greatest Heavyweights, Greendog, Grind Stormer, Gunship, Gunstar Heroes, Gynoug.

Added another missing review for Generations Lost.

Found 2 more working Multi-Tap Games in Gens: Gauntlet 4, General Chaos (both of these are also in the Gens Manual)

I tidied up the I-k's and added the .Pat files, including a missing set of Game Genie codes for the Immortal, which you can download as usual. Thanks to Darkwolf over at Sega Forever for doing the I's for me, he's also sent me quite a few more .PAT files as well but it might take me a while to get these tied into the database.


8th June 2001

Stef released a new version of Gens last week (v0.99) with the latest Kaillera Client software and a few other fixes. An updated copy of the Gens Manual (v0.99) is now ready for you to Download.

The main changes in this version of the Manual are:

I also found one fixed game that isn't mentioned in Stef's update: Dino Dini's Soccer.

Added two more Manual Scans by Mohammed Rahim, AKA DJ Mo: Bill Walsh College Football, Gaiares.

Both the Bill Walsh College football games also support the Multi-Tap (both working in Gens), I obviously missed these the first time around and only discovered they had Multi-Tap support when Mohammed sent me the scans. If I've missed any other Multi-Tap games (from 0-->F) could someone please send us an e-mail!

DezE has scanned the manual for Super Skidmarks for you as well.