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News July 2001.

Hong Kong Videogames export Specialist

29th July 2001

What's this 2 updates in a week? Well not quite, you've probably noticed the Lik-Sang banner above, we've resisted placing any kind of advertising on the site since we first opened over 18 months ago absorbing the costs involved in putting the site together ourselves and buying games etc. to bring you reviews like the Mega-Drive 3 and manual scans. From the e-mails we receive here it seems that the manual scans in particular are very popular but this means  that we would have to make a substantial investment to bring you continued updates in this area, which is where our new business partners Lik-Sang come in. Many of you will have probably at least have heard of them before but just in case here's the low-down...

They are a well established video game exporter from Hong-Kong who have built up a good online reputation over the past several years, and trust me their reputation is well deserved. For example the last time I ordered something from them (a Saturn Mod-Chip) it arrived here in the UK in just 5 days! They have over 1000 products available at this time including things like the PSX adapters that allow you to use a PSX pad on your PC (DezE and myself have both been using these for over a year and they are absolutely rock solid), a good selection of hard to find Retro stuff (including the elusive Saturn Mod-Chip), MP3 players, DVD players (including the Shinco DVD player which has a Mega-Drive built in) and 'development' systems for the Gameboy Color and Advance (come on we all know what they're really for!).

So what has this got to do with the Genesis Project and you? Well if you order something from Lik-Sang via our link they pay us a small commission which will allow us to buy more games/manuals for the site and in turn bring you more manual scans. So go on pay them a visit and if you do decide to buy something we would really appreciate it if you could enter their site through our links.

Thanks for your attention,

27th July 2001

Checked all the J's with Gens & rechecked them with KGen and Genecyst.

Updated compatibility notes: J-League Pro Striker '93, J-League Pro Striker 2, James Pond 3 - Operation Starfish, Jammit, Janou Touryumon, Jewel Master, Jim Power, Joe Montana Football, Jordan vs. Bird - Super One-on-One, Judge Dredd, Jungle Strike, Jurassic Park - Rampage Edition, Jurassic Park - The Lost World, Justice League Task Force.

Added two missing reviews for: Jeopardy! and Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker Challenge.

I Finally got around to doing some more work with the 0-A's (still haven't had time to check some of the alternate dumps though)...

Rescanned with v0.999.4 of GoodGen, the following rom name was changed (but not the rom!):

     Advanced Military Commander (J) --> Advanced Daisenryaku (J)

Replaced the following bad/unconfirmed dumps for good dumps (No changes to compatibility notes):

    Action 52in1 (JUE) [h1]  --> Action 52in1 (UJE) [c] [!]
    Aero Blasters (JU)          --> Air Busters (U) [c][!]

Added some more missing Game Genie codes for:  Air Buster, Dragons Fury, Dune - the Battle for Arrakis, Fatal Fury 2, Golden Axe (Alternate codes), Jurassic Park Rampage Edition.

The more eagle eyed amongst you will have also noticed that the menu looks a little different than before...
There is now a direct link to all the Game Genie codes, yes now you can get straight to them without having to trawl your way through the entire database first! This is the first in a planned series of upgrades to general navigation although it might be a while before I can implement any of the other changes, the menu might even need a complete rethink/redesign before I can add anything else.

Added another Manual and Box Scan by DezE: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (partial - English only)


20th July 2001

Added two more Manual and Box Scans by DezE: Fifa '96 and Power Drive (Both partial - English only)

Added a missing review for Turrican.

Added the .Pat files for the T's including missing codes for: Terminator 2 - Judgment Day, Turrican and Twin Cobra, they're ready for you to download as usual. Thanks to Darkwolf over at Sega Forever for doing them.

Also added a set of missing Game Genie Codes for Abrams Battle Tank.


13th July 2001

Ooops! 3 weeks since my last update, and I was doing so well too. We've been experiencing a mini-heatwave in the UK over the last couple of weeks and I've been finding it hard to motivate myself to sit in front of the computer. Any way here's what I've managed to do since it cooled down a bit...

Checked all the I's with Gens & rechecked them with KGen and Genecyst.

Updated compatibility notes: IMG International Tour Tennis, The Incredible Crash Dummies, The Incredible Hulk, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Ishido, International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, It Came From the Desert, The Itchy & Scratchy Game, Izzy's Quest
for the Olympic Rings.

Thanks to DDT and Ennio over on the Gens forum I also have some more updated Gens compatibility notes (mostly broken games) for: The Aquatic Games starring James Pond, AWS Pro Moves Soccer, Barkley Shut Up and Jam!, Barkley Shut Up and Jam! 2, Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition, Fun 'n' Games.

Also updated notes for KGen and Genecyst: Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition.

Found 2 more working Multi-Tap Games in Gens: ESPN National Hockey Night (missed it before!), and IMG International Tour Tennis.

David White got in touch with us the other week to let us know that Head-On Soccer/Fever Pitch is a Multi-Tap game, which means that the Multi-Tap support is currently not working for this game in Gens.

Added the .Pat files for U-W including missing codes for: Urban Stike, Vapor Trail and World Championship Soccer. (Note the review for World Championship Soccer replaces the review for World Cup Italia '90), they're ready for you to download as usual. Thanks to Darkwolf over at Sega Forever for doing them for you.

Added one more Manual and Box Scan by DezE: Mortal Kombat 2 (Partial - English only)


Hong Kong Videogames export Specialist