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News January 2002.

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20th January 2002

Stef just released another version of Gens (v1.60b) with several more improvements in Genesis and Mega-CD emulation. He also finally fixed the Game Genie support so that the .pat files aren't sorted alphabetically, this means of course that all the .pat files in the Big Book of Game Genie Codes work properly now ;)


** Update 2 **

A couple of people have let us know that the original links for the manual work if you RIGHT-CLICK on them and select SAVE AS. The emergency mirror has been removed. Also a big thanks to our friend PeterD at Emulation HQ for supplying another download mirror.

18th January 2002

Time for our first proper update of the year, and if you're wondering why it's seemed a little quiet around here recently here's the reason...

The Big Book of Game Genie Codes is another e-book like the Gens Manual, again it's not browser dependent so it should work on any Win9x installation. Now you can have instant access to all those Game Genie Codes and .pat files straight from your own hard drive.

  • Instructions for using Game Genie Codes on real hardware and in emulators.

  • Large section about finding new Game Genie Codes.

  • Game Genie Codes for over 330 games available for you to print out or save to your hard drive in .pat format.

  • Full text search facilities.

I'd particularly like to thank Cheatmaster and Tony Hedstrom for their generous help writing the "finding new codes" section of the book, and for submitting codes for several games that they had found themselves for inclusion in the code database. Go ahead and download your copy now, I hope you enjoy using it.

Unfortunately this means I haven't had time to update the Gens manual yet, hopefully you'll understand why, but I promise it's first in the cue for next week.

Looks like the Genesis emu scene is more than just warming up, it's practically on fire! Steve Snake has just updated KEGA with a few bugfixes and some new useful features like .zip support. Go and download copy from  Eidolon's Inn.


15th January 2002

Hot on the heels of yesterdays release of KEGA Stef has released a new version of Gens with improved Mega-CD and Genesis emulation thanks to some help from Steve Snake. It's a good job I didn't start working on the Gens manual today :P

Looks like Genesis and Mega-CD emulation is really warming up at the moment, and it's nice to see (most of ) the current Genesis emu coders helping each other out like this.


14th January 2002

Eek, it's halfway through January already! Sorry about the lack of updates but I'm still busy with other things but I hope to back up to speed shortly. I haven't had chance to update the Gens manual as yet but that's next on my "to do" list, besides Stef is releasing new versions so quickly at moment it's a little difficult to keep up!

Anyway onto the main reason for the unusual mid-week news post, this one was so important I felt I had to post something...

Steve Snake Returns!!!

It's 3 and a half years (almost to the day) since the last release of KGen '98 and in a surprise move Steve Snake has just released a brand new Windows based Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive emulator with Sega-CD/Mega-CD support called KEGA. This is apparently all new code, the original code from KGen wasn't even used for reference. I've just downloaded my copy and I have to say I'm impressed, it even runs Gargoyles which has become one of the holy grails of Genesis emulation in recent years. It's a little slower than Gens running at about 48fps on my system (30fps for Mega-CD) whereas Gens reaches the dizzy height of 75fps, this shouldn't be a problem for most of you though as my system's getting pretty old now. This is definitely one to watch as it could eventually challenge even Stef's domination of the Genesis emulation scene, I recommend that you go and download copy from  Eidolon's Inn right now.

Hopefully I'll have our first proper update, and with any luck an updated Gens manual, ready for you this weekend. (fingers crossed)


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