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Based on the "G3" by the Scribe. Also see the "G3O" the Scribe's own Online Version of the G3.

News January 2001.

19th January 2001

Many of you will have noticed that Gens 0.92b added .PAT file support for Game Genie, unfortunately looking on the Gens forum it seems most people can't get it to work (myself included!). End User finally solved the problem by figuring out that you need to have a TAB between the code and the comment (not a SPACE as with KGen & Genecyst). I have updated the Batman .PAT file in our FAQ section so it now works with Gens (it still works with KGen & Genecyst as well), although it should also be noted that Gens currently rearranges your .PAT files so the codes are listed in alphabetical order making it very difficult (If not impossible in many cases) to use Multi-Word codes!

One other thing that seems to be causing confusion is where to put the .PAT files....

As an additional aid I have converted the Game Genie pages in 0-A into .PAT files, you can download them from any of the Game Genie pages (you only need to do it once, the Zip contains all the codes!). You may need to rename the files for them to work and the Game Genie FAQ is also included in the Zip so you have no excuse not to read it!

I spent part of the Christmas break updating our reference rom set using Cowering's GoodGen program and a few good Rom sites (see our updated Links section!). You'd be surprised how many of your roms are hacked if you've never used it before (over 250 in our case), I have replaced all the bad dumps with known good dumps as far as possible, however this means that I now need to recheck the compatibility notes (for all emu's) as I'm sure several comments will need changing. For example I changed "Baby's Day Out (UEJ)(Beta)(x)" to "Babys Day Out (U)" and it now works in Gens with sound, but it Locks up in Genecyst and Crashes KGen...... D'oh!!!

I now intend spending the next few months rechecking everything, the good news is that this means Gens compatibility notes will be added to the rest of the database and the missing reviews (about 90 games) will be added. I've also started adding in the AKA data as I'm working my way through. I'll also convert the rest of the Game Genie codes into PAT files for you as I work my way through as well.

If you're getting vastly different results from us on any game check to see that you're using the same rom, I'll be putting a list of the roms used at the bottom of each letter (look at the 0-A section to see what I mean!). Also this means if I change any of the roms in the future, If Genesis Power release a new dump for example, I can quickly update the files. Let me know if you think I got something wrong, or if you think I should be using a different rom, but don't forget to check which dump you're using first!!!!

Updated Compatibility notes: 777 Casino, Action 52, Advanced Daisenryaku, Air Diver, Alien Soldier, Altered Beast, American Gladiators, Another World, A Q Renkan Awa, Arch Rivals, Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf, Arrow Flash, Art of Fighting, Asterix & the Power of the Gods, ATP Tour Championship Tennis, Australian Rugby League, AWS Pro Moves Soccer, Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP 2.

NOTE: With Australian Rugby league I've said that it seems to run a little slowly in Gens, but it could in fact be running a bit too fast in KGen and Genecyst..... anyone care to tell me which is correct!!!!

Added Sonic's Secrets for: Castlevania Bloodlines, Cyborg Justice.