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News February 2002.

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22nd February 2002

Stef has just released a new version of Gens (v1.80), an updated version of the Official Gens Manual is now ready for you to download as usual. You'll be glad to hear that Stef has finally managed to fix Game Genie support this time amongst other fixes and improvements.

Updated compatibility notes (Gens): Jim Power.

Updated screenshots for: Cliffhanger, Crayon Shin-chan, Ex-Mutants, Gargoyles, Jim Power.

Added Manual Scan for Shadowrun (Genesis) supplied by LZP.

Updated Mega-CD compatibility notes (Gens): 3 Ninjas Kick Back, Afterburner III, Bill Walsh College Football, Bouncers, Chuck Rock, Dune.


1st February 2002

A new version Official Gens Manual (v1.70) is now available for download. Stef should hopefully be releasing a new version of Gens shortly, but I'm off out for the evening now so I decided to post this for you a little early. The Manual of course covers all the important/new changes to Gens since v1.40 and now has context sensitive help available. You'll need to tell Gens (v1.70 or above) where the Manual is installed on your hard drive (using the Directories & path configuration box) before this will work but now you can jump straight to the section you need through Gens.

Whilst I was updating the Gens manual I noticed that although Game Genie support is much better now that the codes are not sorted alphabetically on loading, it still moves codes to the bottom of the list when activated/deactivated (and saves the resorted/broken list when quitting). Unfortunately this means that it is still very difficult to use "Multi-word" codes!

Updated compatibility notes for Gens 1.60b: Cliffhanger, Crayon Shin-chan, Ex-Mutants, Gargoyles, Time Killers.

This now brings Gens' compatibility (for Genesis/Mega-Drive) up to about 99%, way to go Stef!

And finally for anyone that missed it Steve Snake updated Kega last week, go to Eidolons Inn as usual to download your copy.


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