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Based on the "G3" by the Scribe. Also see the "G3O" the Scribe's own Online Version of the G3.

News February 2001.

9th February 2001

Let's kick off this week with another small update on the Game Genie problems in Gens, Stef has recently discovered that the text editor he was using to write his .PAT files was replacing spaces with tabs, as a consequence he thought that his Game Genie code was ok! He tells me that the next version should accept spaces as well as tabs. As for the problem with Gens rearranging your .PAT files he says that this is being caused by the WinDoze Api and he currently doesn't know how to fix it, if anyone can help him you should get in touch with him on the Gens forum.

The Game Genie .PAT files are now ready for the B's, you can download them from any of the Game Genie pages (in the B's) as last time. Note: you only need to download them once, the file contains all the codes from the B's.

It occurred to me the other day that my KGen defaults have checksum fixing turned on, the only emu where I use with this setting, however as lots of games are now known to have faulty checksum routines I wondered if this might be causing a few problems. I have now changed the defaults to checksums off, & I'll now have to recheck any games with a bad checksum in the 0-A's with KGen to make sure nothing's changed! (Nothing did).

One of`the recent Genesis Power releases, Budokan - The martial spirit ()[c][!], doesn't even work in Gens and has major graphics problems in KGen, but Budokan - The Martial Spirit (U) works fine in both Gens and KGen98! I have discussed this with Snorter from Genesis Power who says that the dump is correct, the game was released without a header and both the original cart and the rom will only work on a mark1 genesis, apparently a common problem with some of EA's earlier releases. He also told me that the (U) dump is a hacked version with a header added which allows it to run on mark2 & 3 Genesis' and within emulators. As this is the case I recommend that you DON'T use the Genesis Power dump and stick to the hacked (U) dump instead, unless of course you're using a mark1 Genesis.

I'm happy to report that a new version of Sega Ages (V0.24a) is out and is considerably better than earlier versions. It still lacks sound though and you will need a very fast system to get full speed emulation even for G/MD let alone 32X or MegaCD.

Renamed "Baver Battle Saga" to "Braver Battle Saga". (Ooops!)

Updated Compatibility notes: Baby's Day Out, Back to the Future Part 3, Ball Jacks, Ballz, Barkley Shut up & Jam!, Barkley Shut up & Jam! 2, Bart's Nightmare, Barver Battle Saga, Batman Forever, Batman - Revenge of the Joker, Battle Frenzy/Bloodshot, Battle Mania 2, Berzerk, Best of the Best Championship Karate, Bill Walsh College Football '95, Bimini Run, Bio-Hazard Battle, Blockout, Body Count, Bonanza Bros, Boxing Legends of the Ring, Brett Hull Hockey 95, Brian Lara Cricket, Brian Lara Cricket 96, Brutal - Paws of Fury, Bubba n Stix, Budokan, Bulls V's Blazers, Bulls V's Lakers.