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24th December 2001

I managed to recheck the games with problems using Gens v1.40b, the following games have updated compatibility notes: Desert Strike, The Great Voyage of Hyoutanjima, The Lion King, Time Killers, TNN Bass Tournament of Champions, TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament 96.

Time Killers has been broken in this release, presumably by the updated Z80 Interrupt timing. This means a few other games may also have been broken as well although Double Dragon 2, which is highly sensitive to these kinds of changes, is still working. Let me know if you find any more "broken" games!


22nd December 2001

Stef has just released a new version of Gens (v1.40b) and a new version of the Gens Manual is now ready for download. Sorry for the slight delay in releasing this but Stef made a couple of minor changes in the GUI at the last moment which meant I had to update a couple of the pictures and alter the text on a few pages.

A few weeks ago a Russian rom dumping crew released some new Genesis/Mega-Drive games: Lion King II,  Pocket Monster II, Super Donkey Kong '99 (Hong Kong pirate/unlicensed games). You can find them in the main Genesis reviews section, unfortunately they all seem to be bad dumps but they will run (up to a point!). As usual we can't tell you where to find these games so please no e-mails asking for a copy or where to find them, look around a few other sites and you'll find them easily enough.

As far as I'm aware the only changes to Genesis compatability with the last release of Gens were to sound. As a result I've only rechecked the games noted as having sound issues - there were no changes to the compatability notes.

It was our second birthday a couple of weeks ago (9th Dec) and we got about 100,000 hits this year, almost three times as many as in 2000! Unfortunately you may be able to tell from the recent lack of updates I haven't had much time to work on the Genesis Project over the last few weeks, I have a few plans in the pipeline though which should allow me to begin making some forward progress again in the new year.

Wishing you all a merry christmas,
and a happy new year.

Red5 & DezE

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