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6th February 2008

Wow, is it really 3 years since I posted anything! Trust me I'm not dead, just busy with other things.

Anyway, onto the real reason for the update... During my daily web-trawl I noticed that Notaz has finally got Virtua Racing working! This is no mean feat as it is the only game to use the "SVP Chip", a co-processor built into the game cartridge itself much like the SFX games for the SNES, and there is no documentation available on this chip... SEGA managed to loose it!

If you go to Notaz's site ( there are plenty of screenshots for you to drool over, and a download of the current build for you to play with. Notaz has also kindly made all his research notes available at the same site, so you can probably expect other emulators to include support at some point in the future, I noticed over at the Tavern that Steve Snake has been looking at the documents for example.

This is probably the "final piece" as far as Genesis emulation goes, as I now believe that every game is emulated to at least a playable point with the vast majority of them being perfect.

Hats off to Notaz (and all the other emu devs out there)


29th April 2005

Another day, another update! Thanks to Adrián Bernardi the Gens manual (v2.0) is now also available in Spanish. I'd like to thank Adrián for all his hard work on this project, which was actually finished shortly after the site went down 18 months ago. Fortunately Adrián still had all the files to hand following my hard drive crash last year and he recently contacted me via the Eidolon's Inn so that we could finally get the ball rolling again. Click on the Gens logo above for the download page and enjoy.

Whilst I was updating the site I thought I'd add a couple new Mega-CD manual scans I did recently for Chuck Rock (Mega-CD) and Dune (Mega-CD).


27th April 2005

Thanks to jblee1170 over at the Eidolon's Inn for pointing out that the last version of the Gens manual I made was v2.00, not v1.90 as I had posted here! After a bit of rooting around I found a copy on one of my backup discs, along with a complete backup of the site... now why couldn't I find that a couple of months ago when I needed it, bloody typical. Unfortunately the only other thing on the backup, besides the updated manual itself, was the accompanying news article so I haven't recovered any other "missing" files. I haven't found the source code for this version of the manual yet either but in any case the correct version is now available for download again.


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