Game Ecco the Dolphin CD
Author/Vendor Novotrade
Released 1993
Game Type Action Adventure
Language English
Gens (1.20)
ECCO's pod is mysteriously swept into the sky leaving him all alone. The evil Vortex is harvesting the oceans of all life for food. Help ECCO on his quest to find his pod and save the earth.

This is identical to the cart version apart from the addition of an enhanced introduction animation and the obligatory CD soundtrack. The ECCO games are a little hard to pigeon hole, the G3 calls them Platformers but I think Action Adventure would probably be more accurate, you must use ECCO's abilities to navigate around the maze like levels and their is a heavy slant towards puzzles so you'll need your thinking caps on for this game. ECCO inherits new abilities as the game progresses to aid in your quest, the most useful one is when gain the ability to breathe underwater which means that you don't have to find air pockets every couple of minutes. It can get quite tough later on in the game but it's well worth pressing on as this is one of SEGA's crowning achievements.