Game Dungeon Explorer
Author/Vendor Hudson Soft / Westone
Released 1995
Game Type Arcade Action
Language English
Gens (1.20)
Minor sound problems! Locks up on character select screen!
Note: This game supports Multi-Tap.
Imprisoned deep within Darkling Tower, the Goddess of Ambition will grant one wish to anyone who can rescue her. Countless warriors have entered, but none have returned...

Think Gauntlet with better graphics and you're half way there, features 7 huge levels and Multi-Tap support for up to 4 Players. There's almost an RPG element in here too as you start off with a very weak character who get's killed almost instantly in most areas. Only by wandering around and discovering the easiest sections can you gain experience points and gold to boost your abilities and buy new weapons, good job there's a save game facility. Looks like it could be a good 4-Player game, provided of course you have four suitably trained characters to hand otherwise it's going to be a very short game indeed.