Game Virtua Racing
Author/Vendor Sega
Released 1996
Game Type Racing
Language English
The First working SVP emulator!
Needs a special chip not supported in any emulator!
Gens (0.70)
Needs a special chip not supported in any emulator!
Port of the phenomenal hit 1992 arcade racing game.

This cart had an onboard co-processor, made by Hitachi, which Sega referred to as the "SVP chip" to cope with all the 3D rendering in the game much like the FX Chip games for the SNES. Because of this, it will not work with the 32X adaptor.

Also, at the time of writing,  it won't run in many of the emulators because they don't have SVP support. Unfortunately no one really knows what the chip is, not even SEGA it would appear! (Steve Snake asked for documentation whilst he was working for SEGA, but none could be found!) It was originally thought to be a SH-1, but this turned out not to be the case. In February 2008 Notaz was finally able to reverse engineer the chip and release the first working SVP emulator which you can find by following this Link.

The cart was VERY expensive as well - about $90, and suffered a little from poor draw distance and polygon dropping to keep the speed up, but the gameplay did make it across intact making this a fairly good conversion considering the limitations of the platform.