Game Valis - The Fantasm Soldier
Author/Vendor Telenet Japan
Released 1991
Game Type Arcade
Language English
Gens (0.50)
Yuko is just your average everyday attractive teenage schoolgirl, with an average life in an average town. Little does she know that she is the chosen one who will wield the legendary Valis sword and save the inhabitants of a parallel dimension from an evil that threatens their existence.

First in a series of rather lame and dated platformers featuring (what else?) another one of those teenage sword-wielding Japanese schoolgirls. I just wish the games were half as good as the concept, which can be seen in the occasional anime-style cinema. It's my understanding that a short-lived anime series followed not long after the release of the original games.

Valis - Fantasm Soldier, the one that sets it all up, and the second worst-playing one of the lot - graphics aren't bad, though, and the anime-style cinemas are first-rate.