Game Ultimate Soccer
Author/Vendor Rage Software
/ Sega Sports
Released 1993
Game Type Sports
Language English
Turn RasterFx OFF. A few minor graphics problems.
A few minor grahics problems.
Gens (0.60)
Whilst Sega of Japan was busy with the J-League Pro Striker series, Sega of Europe contracted Rage Software to produce this excellent series of World Cup soccer sims for the European market.

Sega of Europe was so proud of these games that they stuck Sonic in them, and rightly so - these are among the best arcade-style soccer sims to be found on a 16-bit console. The graphics are small but well done, sound is excellent, and gameplay is as fast and furious as a Sonic game. If you're tired of FIFA's realistic approach and need a change, then fire one of these up and play ball!