Game Toughman Contest
Author/Vendor High Score Productions
/ Visual Concepts
/ EA Sports
Released 1995
Game Type Sports
Language English
Turn H-Interrupts OFF. Some minor graphics problems (Palette).
Some minor graphics problems (Palette).
Gens (0.60)
How many of you remember the Dennis Quaid film Tough Enough, in which he played an average Joe Sixpack who decided to enter the then-unknown Toughman Contest? Give it a look the next time you want to go rent a video, and you'll then get the idea for the premise of this game. Based on the annual U.S. sporting event, where real-life street fighters beat each other's brains out for the honor of being "tough enough."

This, in many gamers opinion, is the finest fighting game ever made for the platform. It's not as flashy as its Japanese counterparts and SF2 fans will bemoan the lack of special power moves, but its realism is seldom matched by its competitors. Great graphics, great sound, great animation, great setup.