Game Todd's Adventures
in Slime World
Author/Vendor Epyx / Micro World
Released 1991
Game Type Platform
Language English
Gens (0.70)
Todd and Rooney are mild-mannered go-getters who believe it is easier and more rewarding to drive a space-cruiser than to navigate a desk in some windowless office. One dreary day, it seems that a new planet has been discovered near Beta Delta and the administration feels that Todd and Rooney are perfect for the job! The mission briefing says that the blue-green giant is made of some unknown semi-liquid material, but the two gung-ho guinea pigs are out the door before they can read on. The blue-green-but-mostly-green Slime Planet's many winding tunnels and slime meanies await their next victims!

Unimpressive. This game is as boring as it sounds, and it smells like an 8-bit port. One of the last gasps from the company that used to make such awesome 8-bit games.