Game Terminator
Author/Vendor Probe Software
/ Virgin Games
Released 1994
Game Type Platform
Language English
Gens (0.50)
In the future, humanity is trapped in a desperate battle for survival with its own creation - the SkyNet computer system, which has deemed mankind unfit for survival. To that end it has created (among many other weapons) the Terminator series of cyborgs - souless killing machines which cannot be distiguished from humans until it is too late. SkyNet's data banks have predicted its ultimate demise at the hands of the humans, so it launches a last desperate effort to survive. By mastering time travel and sending Terminators into the past, it hopes to kill off the human leader John Conner before he can grow into the deadly threat to SkyNet's existence that he will certainly become. Based on the hit series of films that made Austrian actor and former bodybuilding champion Arnold Schwarznegger an international film star.

Terminator, was actually the last of the series to be done and is the best of these games.