GAME GENIE CODES: T2 The Arcade Game.

 No.  Code  Effect
   1  AE6A-BE3W  Start with 1 credit instead of 4
   2  EY6A-BE3W  Start with 25 credits
   3  LA6A-BE3W  Start with 50 credits
   4  RY6A-BE3W    Start with 75 credits
   5  RZ8A-A6V6  Infinite credits
   6  XE6A-BE3W  Advance to next level and get infinite credits when terminated
 NOTE: may have some weird effects, doesn't work on last level  
   7  SF4A-BEXL  Start on human hideout
   8  SF4A-BJXL  Start on trip to skynet
   9  SF4A-BNXL  Start on skynet
 10  SF4A-BTXL  Start on cyberdyne systems
 11  SF4A-B2XL  Start on the freeway
 12  SF4A-B6XL  Start on the steel mill
 13  AADT-AAEL  Always have maximum gun power
 14  RGJA-A60C  Protection from most hazards
 15  RZ8A-A6X0  Infinite rockets and shotgun shells on pick-up
 16  XGGA-BA30  Start with LOTS of rockets

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