Game Super High Impact
Author/Vendor Midway / Arena
Released 1992
Game Type Sports
Language English
Black Screen!
Gens (1.10)
Genesis port of the popular arcade game, itself based on the teams, players, and exploits of American professional football. This was the de facto standard in arcade football games until Midway's NFL Blitz series was released.

This and the later Tecmo Super Bowl games are unique in offering a from-the-stands slant-view perspective. Nice graphics and good sound. It's also the only G/MD football sim I've seen with a "fighting mode" - once set, your players will play rough, take cheap shots, and argue with their opponents and the refs. It's nice to have something that emphasizes arcade-style gameplay over techincal accuracy, while at the same time remaining competetive with its rivals both in the graphics and sound departments.