Game Star Trek: The Next Generation
- "Echoes From the Past"
Author/Vendor Spectrum Holobyte
Released 1994
Game Type RPG
Language English
Graphics problems in tactical.
Turn RasterFx ON.
Gens (1.10)
"Captain's log. It has been two days since Starfleet cancelled our leave on Hobson Delta II. The Enterprise has been sent to the Neutral Zone to monitor new Romulan activity, which is under the premise of a search for a lost research team. While the crew is unaware of the full extent of our orders, they can read a star chart as well as I. They know where we are...."

Maneuver your favorite members of the Enterprise crew in away-team missions around various sites, using their individual skills to solve various puzzles. There are a few flight simulator scenes aboard the ship as well. Trekkies will go ape over this one, but the rest of us will need a hint book to get anywhere.