GAME GENIE CODES: Spider-Man Vs the Kingpin.

 No.  Code  Effect
   1  ALBT-CA9R  Infinite life
   2  AKZA-CA68  Shooting a web requires no web energy
   3  PZZA-DWY8  Shooting a web uses up web energy faster
   4  AJPA-RA6C  Infinite time
   5  AK0A-CA6W  Using web shield requires no web energy
   6  ALBT-CA82  Web shield lasts longer
   7  AKGT-CA90  Infinite number of pictures
  8  PZ1A-DAX0  Swinging on a web increases web energy instead of decreasing it
   9  MLMT-CAGC  Some web cartridges are worth about 3x as much web energy
 10  3CMT-CAGC  Web cartridges restore web energy to full
 11  BNZA-AAE4  Start time at 11:59 instead of 23:59
 12  CEZA-AAE4  Start time at 17:59 instead of 23:59

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