Game Sonic the Hedgehog
Author/Vendor Sega
Released 1991
Game Type Platform
Language English
Gens (1.10)
Who would have thought that a fast-paced arcade game about a smart-alecky blue hedgehog and his efforts at preventing the evil Dr. Robotnik from mechanizing the world would have turned into the hit series that it became? The original is a legend as far as arcade games go, the sequels are for the most part just as good or better, and the venture finally provided Sega with something it desperately needed at the time - a new mascot. Every Sega plaform since has had at least one Sonic game since his creation.

Sonic the Hedgehog, the one and only original, and the game that was most responsible for the popularity of the G/MD platform. Colorful graphics, catchy tunes, and fast gameplay are the standard hallmarks of the Sonic series. These titles remain as popular as they ever were, with each new entry adding its own particular twists. The first is a must, and so are most of the others.