Game Shadow of the Beast 2
Author/Vendor Psygnosis / Electronic Arts
Released 1992
Game Type Platform
Language English
Use 16bit graphics mode & Set RasterFx to FULL.
Turn RasterFx ON.
Gens (1.10)
The story of a mutant humanoid who embarks on a long and dangerous quest to gain true humanity; and once having found it, must embark upon another quest to save that which he holds most dear. Ported from the now-legendary series of Amiga arcade games that made Psygnosis a name of whispered reverence among gaming fans.

Well I remember when the first game was released for the Amiga and blew everyone away with its mind-numbing graphics, spectacular stereo music tracks, and intense gameplay. It's a real shame that the Genesis music is only an echo of the original (not to mention the loss of the intermission artwork from the first game and the intro from the second), but the eye-popping graphics and frustratingly hard gameplay are still there. Handicapped as they are, the Genesis ports are equal or superior to the SNES versions in evey single category. If you can't get the Amiga originals, then get these!