Rocket Knight Adventures

Stage 1-1 Stage 3-1 Stage 5-1 Stage 7-1
Stage 1-2 Stage 3-2 Stage 5-2 Stage 7-2
Stage 1-3 Stage 3-3
Stage 2-1 Stage 4-1 Stage 6-1
Stage 2-2
Stage 2-3

Stage 1-1:
Go right, taking out the pig soldiers and rocketing over any walls that block your way.
To defeat the pig vehicles, stay in place and fire rapidly.
At the big tree be sure to get the 1-up and plenty of apples for health.
Finish off the red pigs and head for the bridge.

Boss #1:
Rocket straight across to the other side of the Pig Tank. Jump and shoot to destroy it.
When you are going down the waterfall shoot as it attacks from below and shoot as it attacks from above.

Stage 1-2:
Take the power pack to fly.
Shoot the pig balloons.

Boss #2:
Concentrate your attack on the Water Snake's head.
Be patient, waiting until it comes out of the water from the right before you attack all out.

Stage 1-3:
Once in the castle, jump over the fire pits and rocket diagonally to go up the passages.
Go left, staying ahead of the fire, keeping to the left part of the screen.
Make sure that you're not on a step when the blasts start, ducking under the third one.
After the three series of blasts, exit and continue up, collecting gems.
Look for a 1-up in the next area.

Boss #3:
Jump and shoot at the Worm bosses head.
Jump on the blue spiders and shoot the red one as soon as possible.
Go left to avoid the spiked tail, then right, firing at the Worm the whole time.

Stage 2-1:

Boss #4:
Stay powered up in either one of the corners and use the diagonal rocket attack to defeat the Raccoon Robot.

Continue right to the waterfall. Once there, rocket up to the top, collect the 1-up, and head right.
Jump to the platform that takes you to the other side of the water, and continue along the vines.

Boss #5:
Hang on to one of the vines, and attack the red ball at the end of the Snake's tail.
You will get hit, but this is the quickest way to victory.

Stage 2-2:
The key to this part is avoiding the spiked balls. Make sure to utilize Sparkster's tail.
Use the rocket attack on the owls, collect the banana, and head out through the spike and chain screen.

Stage 2-3:
Stay low on the railway, ducking under the spiked areas.
Take out the bomb throwing pigs.
When the car starts glowing, get ready to jump to another one.

Boss #6:
Shoot left at the Train Boss, jumping over the blue cannon balls.
When it changes, concentrate your attack on the hands.
When the hands attack pattern changes, stay right, shooting at the first hand and jumping over the second.
For the last part, shoot right, avoiding the bouncing balls.

Stage 3-1:
Wait for the lava to go down before moving.
When you reach the concealed platforms, use your reflection from the lava to make the jumps.

Stage 3-2:
Swim patiently over and under the spiked barriers, using your sword on the fish.
Use your rocket pack to get by the last two long stretches.

Boss #7:
Stay in the upper right corner, always powered up.
Rocket diagonally down and left into the Crab Boss.
Destroy the right claw first and then concentrate on the middle.
Avoid the left claw by jumping it after it opens up and hesitates.

Stage 3-3:
Take the mechanical legs through the lava, fighting off the owls.
Stay ahead of the legs when on land.

Boss #8:
When the Fish Robot is on the right side of the screen, walk left along the small platforms, jumping if necessary.
When the platforms stop, jump up to an elevated platform, then up again.
When the Fish is on the left side of the screen, stay on the elevated platforms, walking or jumping to the right.
When the fish is in the middle of the screen, stay on the right platform to get the bananas, and shoot at the pig soldier that jumps out (it is invincible the rest of the time).

Stage 4-1:

Boss #9:
To defeat Captain Fleagle the first time, jump up and deflect the red bombs back into him.

Outside the ship, go right, jumping over the rolling barrels and walking under the bouncing ones.
Get by Fleagle and head to the underside of the ship.
To get the 1-up, power up, drop down, and rocket back up.

Boss #10:
Knock the bombguys into the Flying Pig Head to destroy it, moving back and forth to avoid its fire.

Travel along the swinging platforms to get back inside the ship.
Once inside the ship, move right through the force shields.
Be sure to hit the bazooka pigs before they can get a shot off.

Boss #11:
Stay in the left hand corner, always powered up.
Make small back and forth movements to avoid the falling debris.
When the debris stops, wait for the Wiggling Robot's arms to come down, then rocket diagonally off the ceiling into its midsection.
Power up, go to the left corner and do it again.
You can get off three attacks before he becomes invincible once more.
Repeat until the Robot is destroyed.
To finish off Captain Fleagle stay in the middle and keep firing as he jumps around.

Stage 5-1:
Avoid the first onslaught of missiles by going to the upper and lower right hand corners.
At all other times stay at the top of the screen avoiding the missiles by using small back and forth movements.

Boss # 12:
Start out in the upper right hand corner to avoid getting hit during the Plasma Blasters entrance.
Shoot at it, trying to stay in between the plasma bolts that it fires.
When it changes, get in close and attack, retreating to the corners or going around it when it extends its arms.

Stage 5-2:
Begin by grabbing the 1-up and rocketing over the invincible spike pig soldier.
The next part is a race to the finish. Try to miss as many of the ledges as possible as you go down, and head for the transporter.
Rocket past the next series of invincible pigs.
Step on the red button at the end to get rid of the force field and go to the exit.
In the next part you must move fast. Rocket diagonally up to the open chutes to propel yourself towards the next one.
Jump up the chutes with platforms.
Remain powered up at all times and don't rocket up until you can see the next opening above.
Control the levitating platform up, down, and straight across by hitting the arrows with your sword.
Get the 1-up in the upper left hand corner of the second room in the first area.
Follow the path of the gems through the deadly crystalline maze using exact movements. Timing is everything!

Boss #13:
Get away from the Axle Gear controlled giant robot by rocketing across and up repeatedly until you reach the end of the next area, immediately powering up after each use of the robot pack.
During the hand to hand robot combat, let Axle's robot come to you and keep swinging away.
It will take at least six hits to finish it off.

Stage 6-1:
Shooting all the green guys will get you an apple.
In the asteroid field, look for the missile carrying asteroids and take them out as quickly as possible.
Beware of the red pig with the giant laser.
When you get encircled by asteroids and little guys, shoot an asteroid to make a line of apples appear.

Boss #14:
Go around the Pig Cruiser, avoiding the bullets.
Fire at the rudder on the lower left portion of the ship.
When it changes, fire at the bottom gun and nose of the ship.
Then destroy the lower gun and the hatch that the small ships come out of.
At this point concentrate your attack on the lower front of the vessel, staying at the bottom or top of the screen when the ship tries to ram you.
When the front of the ship detaches, go in-between and fire at the red ball in the body of the ship.
For the last phase of this boss, start in the upper left hand corner, then move up and down to avoid the red bullets.
Move around the blue laser beam and shoot the red ball that goes back and forth.
It will take at least four hits on the red ball to destroy this part.

Stage 7-1:

Boss #15:
To defeat Emperor Devotindos, stay powered up and rocket into him straight on or off the ceiling.
The key is avoiding the magic he casts at you while keeping powered up.
This one is very hard so be patient.
When he changes, rocket into him at an angle and stay away from his robotic limbs.

Defeat the Emperor's robots by using one rocket attack and a couple of hits with the sword.

Boss #16:
Axle Gear can be defeated easily.
At first, stay in the middle, quickly firing when he lands.
When he goes spinning straight up into the air, move to the side so he doesn't land on you.
Once he blows out the back of the ship and starts attacking with missiles, stay put, firing repeatedly to the right.
When Axle's attack changes for the last time, fire at him if he bobs up and down, but avoid him if he uses his spin attack.
If you ever get pushed back to a different cable, simply rocket back to the first one.

Stage 7-2:

Destroy the last of the Emperor's robots, as in the last section.
Power up with the bananas and collect the 1-up by rocketing up at the top of your jump.

Final Boss:
Stay powered up at all times.
Jump and rocket attack sideways or off the ceiling to hit the red orb coming from the Pigstar Core.
Avoid the electric bolts and power rings.
To decoy the Core into placing the orb in an easier spot to hit, jump and rocket diagonally over the top of it.
When the music and the attack change, continue executing the jump/rocket combo.
During its last attack, stay at the bottom and avoid the rings, rocketing into the easily placed red orb.
As you escape, the Core will chase you. Dodge its arms and ring attack.
If you can survive long enough, the Core will be destroyed as you enter the planet's atmosphere.