Game Nadia no Fushugi no Umi
Author/Vendor Namco
Released 1991
Game Type RPG
Language Japanese
Gens (1.00)
Nadia is a dark-skinned teenage orphan who works with her pet lion cub at a 1880s-era travelling circus. Jean is a young inventor who dreams of buidling his own working flying machine. Their paths cross once Nadia is targeted for abduction by a crime syndicate who thinks she is the key to finding the sunken continent of Atlantis. In their efforts to escape their pursuers, Nadia and Jean flee to the oceans, where they have an unforgettable encounter with the legendary Captain Nemo - the one person who holds the key to Nadia's mysterious past. Based on the phenomenal Japanese anime TV series.

One of the best anime-to-console adaptations I've ever seen, and the best available for the Genesis. It's easy to get lost if you don't know Japanese, but there are English-translated videos of the TV series available to help you get started. This is a must for RPG fans.