Game Mickey Mania
Author/Vendor Disney Software
/ Sony Imagesoft
Released 1994
Game Type Platform
Language English
Graphics problems in "3D" Sections.
Graphics problems in "3D" Sections.
Turning "Force Display" ON fixes some of them!
Gens (0.99)
One of a series of arcade games of various quality featuring Disney's number one animated star, Mickey Mouse.

I never was a really big fan, but most of these arcade games do the franchise justice. At worst they are run-of-the-mill, at best they are as fantastic as only Disney can produce. Get 'em and judge for yourself.

In Mickey Mania you must guide Mickey and Pluto through recreations of several of his classic cartoons. Features fantastic graphics and sound, probably the best in the series, unfortunately it's also quite hard and suffers a little from needing pixel perfect jumps and leaps of faith. Even so it's definitely worth a play.