Game Mega Turrican
Author/Vendor Factor 5 / Data East
Released 1990
Game Type Platform / Shoot 'em up
Language English
Gens (0.98)
NOTE: This game supports the 6-Button Genesis Pad.
In the future, mankind will have to deal with many powerful alien species - not all of whom will choose to be friendly. That is the reason behind the Turrican suit - a one-man set of power armor that turns any Earth Force soldier into a nearly unstoppable killing machine. Inspired by the original series of British arcade shooters that were such big hits on the almighty Commodore 64 and Amiga computers.

This is the second Turrican game, and was developed specifically for the G/MD platform this time round. The change in software houses is telling - with its anime-style cinemas, impressive graphics and sound, and gameplay that subtly increases in difficulty instead of being hard all at once, this is without doubt one of the most enjoyable 16-bit shooters that I have ever had the pleasure of playing and possibly the best Turrican game for any platform.