Game Mega Bomberman
Author/Vendor Hudson Soft
Released 1994
Game Type Arcade
Language English
Few graphic glitches, including Title screens etc.
Few graphic glitches, but not as many as KGen.
Gens (0.98)
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What plot? Well, the Bomberman afficiandos will go into this whole long spiel about the little fella, his world, and his many friends and foes, but here's the down and dirty - this is a multiplayer action game in which the object is to clear a maze of obstacles. The fun comes out of laying bombs (hence the title) to blow up obstacles in your path, kill monsters, and (of course) your fellow opponents (snicker, snicker). Hidden power-ups under some of the obstacles are revealed when you clear them, and come in various flavors. The first one to the exit in the center of the playing field wins. It's a souped- up version of Pengo that substitutes high explosives for the moving ice blocks, and it's a blast!

One player mode can get a little boring - plant a bomb, watch it blow up, then move on. Start adding other players, though, and the ensuing chaos will keep everybody up all night. While lacking the sophistication of some of the later SNES releases, it's still a ton of fun and looks set to become an online favourite now that Gens has Netplay support.