Game Spiderman and Venom
- Maximum Carnage
Author/Vendor Software Creations / LJN
Released 1994
Game Type Beat 'em up
Language English
Gens (0.99)
NOTE: This game supports the 6-Button Genesis Pad.
One of a series of games based on the wall-crawling superhero personally created by Stan Marvel for Marvel Comics.

You would think that with all the different programming houses involved, at least one of the Spiderman games would do justice to the franchise. They don't. The best of the series is only mediocre, and some are downright obnoxious. Spiderman fans will probably have a field day, but the rest of us will get bored fast.

In Spiderman and Venom - Maximum Carnage, Spidey teams up with his alterego Venom to fight his second alterego Carnage - confusing plot unless you're familiar with the comic books, but at least the graphics are decent and the gameplay is bearable.