Game The Lion King
Author/Vendor Westwood Studios
/ Disney Software
/ Virgin Interactive
Released 1994
Game Type Platform
Language English
Major sound problems after the game has been paused!
Gens (1.40)
Now you can experience the magic and wonder of the movie, in which Simba the lion must come of age and regain the rule of the veldt, unlawfully usurped by his conniving uncle. Based on the hit animated Disney feature film, which was an unabashed in-your-face direct rip-off of the classic anime movie Jungle Emperor (i.e. Kimba the White Lion) by legendary Japanese anime sensei Osuma Tezuka.

Excellent animation, with your choice of two characters to play (cub and later adult Simba). Potentially frustrating in later rounds, and the ending isn't worth the effort - except in saying that you beat this game.