Game The Lawnmower Man
Author/Vendor Sales Curve
/ Time Warner Interactive
Released 1994
Game Type Multigame
Language English
Minor sound problems! (music)
Turn RasterFX ON. Major graphics problems in 3D sections!
(No 16bit/Shadow/Hi-Lite support) - Still playable.
Gens (1.00)
A sinister government agency known only as The Shop has sponsored a sophisticated experiment involving the use of virtual reality therapy and mind-altering drugs in an effort to increase human intelligence. When one of their test subjects, Jobe the simpleton, shows a particular adeptness for the treatment, they deliberately overdose him in an effort to accellerate his progress. The effort backfires, resulting in a psychotic intelligence that is capable of existing as pure energy and who both resides in and manipulates to his own ends the cyber environment of the world's interlinked computer systems. Inspired by the feature film starring Pierce Brosnan, itself loosely based on the original short story by Stephen King under his Richard Bachman pseudonym.

Mainly a platformer, but features lots of 3D subgames. It's too bad that it's insanely difficult....