GAME GENIE CODES: Kid Chameleon.

 No.  Code  Effect
    1  AFWT-AAB6  Start timer at 1:00 (instead of 3:00)
    2  AZWT-AAB6  Start timer at 5:00
    3  A7WT-AAB6  Start timer at 7:00
    4  BFWT-AAB6  Start timer at 9:00
    5  H49A-AA7J  Infinite time
    6  SD9A-BJV0  Each diamond worth 2
    7  SD9A-BTV0  Each diamond worth 4
    8  SD9A-B2V0  Each diamond worth 6
    9  SD9A-BAV0  Each diamond worth 8
  10  AEBT-JAB4  Start on Blue Lake Woods II
  11  AJBT-JAB4  Start on Highwater Pass I
  12  ANBT-JAB4  Start on Highwater Pass II
  13  ATBT-JAB4  Start on Under Skull Mountain I
  14  AYBT-JAB4  Start on Under Skull Mountain II
  15  A2BT-JAB4  Start on Under Skull Mountain III
  16  A6BT-JAB4  Start on Isle of the Lion Lord
  17  BABT-JAB4  Start on Hills of the Warrior I
  18  BEBT-JAB4  Start on Hills of the Warrior II
  19  BJBT-JAB4  Start on Windy City
  20  BNBT-JAB4  Start on Sinister Sewers
  21  BTBT-JAB4  Start on The Crystal Crags I
  22  BYBT-JAB4  Start on The Crystal Crags II
  23  B2BT-JAB4  Start on Dragonspike
  24  B6BT-JAB4  Start on Stormwalk Mountain
  25  CABT-JAB4  Start on Shishkaboss
  26  CEBT-JAB4  Start on The Whispering Woods I
  27  CJBT-JAB4  Start on The Whispering Woods II
  28  CNBT-JAB4  Start on Devil's Marsh I
  29  CTBT-JAB4  Start on Devil's Marsh II
  30  CYBT-JAB4  Start on Knight Isle
  31  C2BT-JAB4  Start on Whale Grotto
  32  C6BT-JAB4  Start on Hoverboard Beach
  33  DABT-JAB4  Start on Pyramids of Peril
  34  DEBT-JAB4  Start on Madmaze Mountain
  35  DJBT-JAB4  Start on The Deadly Skyscrapers
  36  DNBT-JAB4  Start on Skydragon Castle I
  37  DTBT-JAB4  Start on Skydragon Castle II
  38  DYBT-JAB4  Start on Coral Blade Grotto
  39  D2BT-JAB4  Start on Boomerang Bosses
  40  D6BT-JAB4  Start on Woods of Despair I
  41  EABT-JAB4  Start on Woods of Despair II
  42  EEBT-JAB4  Start on Forced Entry
  43  EJBT-JAB4  Start on The Cliffs of Illusion
  44  ENBT-JAB4  Start on The Lion's Den
  45  ETBT-JAB4  Start on The Wind Castles I
  46  EYBT-JAB4  Start on The Wind Castles II
  47  E2BT-JAB4  Start on Blizzard Mountaon
  48  E6BT-JAB4  Start on Caves of Ice
  49  FABT-JAB4  Start on The Nightmare Peaks I
  50  FEBT-JAB4  Start on The Nightmare Peaks II
  51  FJBT-JAB4  Start on Bagel Brothers
  52  FNBT-JAB4  Start on Diamond Edge
  53  FTBT-JAB4  Start on The Hills Have Eyes
  54  FYBT-JAB4  Start on The Secret of the Rocks
  55  F2BT-JAB4  Start on Ice God's Vengeance
  56  F6BT-JAB4  Start on Beneath the Twisted Hills
  57  GABT-JAB4  Start on Alien Isle
  58  GEBT-JAB4  Start on The Land Below
  59  GJBT-JAB4  Start on The Final Marathon
  60  GNBT-JAB4  Start on Plethora
  61  GTBT-JAB4  Start on The Pinnacle
  62  GYBT-JAB4  Start on The Hidden Canyon
  63  G2BT-JAB4  Start on The Caged Beasts
  64  G6BT-JAB4  Start on The Crab Cove
  65  HABT-JAB4  Start on The Crypt
  66  HEBT-JAB4  Start on The Forbidden Tombs
  67  HJBT-JAB4  Start on The Stairway to Oblivion
  68  HNBT-JAB4  Start on The Valley of Life
  69  HTBT-JAB4  Start on The Black Pit
  70  HYBT-JAB4  Start on The Frosty Doom
  71  H2BT-JAB4  Start on The Bloody Swamp
  72  H6BT-JAB4  Start on The Scorpion Isle
  73  JABT-JAB4  Start on The Towers of Blood
  74  JJBT-JAB4  Start on The Alien Twilight
  75  JNBT-JAB4  Start on The Tunnels Beneath the Woods
  76  JTBT-JAB4  Start on Hills of Forever
  77  JYBT-JAB4  Start on Monster Island
  78  J2BT-JAB4  Start on The Shimmering Caves
  79  KABT-JAB4  Start on The Sky Fortress
  80  KEBT-JAB4  Start on Elsewhere
  81  AEDA-AAE2  Start with 1 life instead of 3
  82  A2DA-AAE2  Start with 6 lives
  83  BEDA-AAE2  Start with 9 lives
  84  B6DA-AAE2  Start with 15 lives
  85  DEDA-AAE2  Start with 25 lives
  86  GJDA-AAE2  Start with 50 lives
  87  NNDA-AAE2  Start with 99 lives
  88  A46A-AA32  Infinite lives
  89  A45T-AA3Y  Almost infinite hit points
  90  J99T-BA1C  Each clock worth 8:00 instead of 3:00
 (up to the max time of 9:59)
  91  J99T-BEIC  Each clock worth 1:00 instead of 3:00
  92  BX5A-GA6T  Some Diamond Powers are free and some cost less.
  93  AL5T-AA6Y  Don't lose transformation when you lose all your hit points
  94  9W6T-BCJ4 + AW6T-AAA6    All helmets transform you into EyeClops
  95  9W6T-BCJ4 + AG6T-AAA6  All helmets transform you into Skycutter
  96  9W6T-BCJ4 + AL6T-AAA6  All helmets transform you into Cyclone
  97  9W6T-BCJ4 + AR6T-AAA6  All helmets transform you into Red Stealth
  98   9W6T-BCJ4 + A06T-AAA6  All helmets transform you into Juggernaut
  99  9W6T-BCJ4 + A46T-AAA6  All helmets transform you into Iron Knight
 100  9W6T-BCJ4 + A86T-AAA6  All helmets transform you into Berzerker
 101  9W6T-BCJ4 + BC6T-AAA6  All helmets transform you into Maniaxe
 102  9W6T-BCJ4 + BG6T-AAA6  All helmets transform you into Micromax
 103  9W6T-BCJ4 + AC6T-AAA6  Helmets do not transform you into anything
 104  AMKT-AA76  Infinite continues
 105  JEBT-JAB4  Start on "The Crypt" (easy mode)
 106  J6BT-JAB4  Start on "The Crypt" (hard mode)
 107  KJBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Under Skull Mountain")
 108  KNBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Windy City")
 109  KTBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Crystal Crags II")
 110  KYBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Whispering Woods II")
 111  K2BT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Devils Marsh")
 112  K6BT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Hoverboard Beach")
 113  LABT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Pyramids of Peril")
 114  LEBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Coral Blade Grotto")
 115  LJBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Stairway to Oblivion")
 116  LNBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Woods of Despair II")
 117  LTBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Cliffs of Illusion")
 118  LYBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Valley of Life")
 119  L2BT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Wind Castles II")
 120  L6BT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Caves of Ice")
 121  MABT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Nightmare Peaks")
 122  MEBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Bloody Swamp")
 123  MJBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "???")
 124  MNBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Towers of Blood")
 125  MTBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Scorpion Isle")
 126  MYBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Secrets in the Rocks")
 127  M2BT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Alien Twilight")
 128  M6BT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "The Crypt")
 129  NABT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Tunnels Beneath the Woods")
 130  NEBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Hills of Forever")
 131  NJBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Hills of Forever II")
 132  NNBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Monster Island")
 133  NTBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "The Shimmering Caves")
 134  NYBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "The Shimmering Caves II")
 135  N2BT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Alien Isle")
 136  N6BT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Skyfortress")
 137  PABT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "Skyfortress II")
 138  PEBT-JAB4  Start on elsewhere (before "???")

Codes 105 to 138 were submitted by Tony Hedstrom of the Code Hut.

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