GAME GENIE CODES: Greatest Heavyweights.

 No.  Code  Effect
   1  BJ6A-ACD6  Rounds are 1 minute
   2  BJ6A-AED6  Rounds are 2 minutes
   3  BJ6A-AJD6  Rounds are 4 minutes
   4  BJ6A-AND6  Rounds are 6 minutes
   5  BJ6A-AWD6  Rounds are 9 minutes
   6  CTXT-AA46  Rounds are infinitely long--must win by knockout
   7  AJ4T-AA2A  Infinite rounds, must win by knockout
   8  RH7A-A6YA  Set attributes to what you want when creating a new boxer  
   9  RH9A-A6TE  Attributes aren't reduced after a fight
 10  RH9T-A6VN+BM9T-AA9W    Pick as many training items as you want

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