Game Gleylancer
Author/Vendor NCS
Released 1992
Game Type Shoot 'em up
Language Japanese
Minor graphics problems on the Stage Start screen!
Minor graphics problems on the Stage Start screen!
Gens (0.98)
It is the year 2025, and opposing space fleets are locked together in a massive and deadly war. A beautiful young fighter pilot is given the chance to solve the mystery her father's disappearance when she is assigned to pilot the Greylancer - an experimental tactical fighter prototype whose capabilities are powerful enough to possibly change the inevitable outcome of the war. Against orders, she takes the Greylancer and flies out to meet her destiny....

Another outstanding R-Type clone with the added bonus of a real plot. Highlights include a well-designed weapons and upgrade system, and the fantastically detailed multiplane scrolling backgrounds that put it in the same league as Eliminate Down and the SNES Macross shooter. The opening cinema is a work of art in itself, strangely reminescent of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime. Shooter fans will go absolutely ape over this!

The Japanese often confuse the R and L when romanizing spoken words. The correct romanization of the title is "Greylancer;" but since the mistranslation was burned into the original cart, that's what we know it by.