Game Gemfire (Royal Blood)
Author/Vendor Koei
Released 1992
Game Type Strategy
Language English
Gens (0.98)
There was a time when Ishmeria was a land of peace and bliss, guarded from all evil by six mages. The king of Ishmeria, seeking to wield total control over his lands, used the power of the Crown of Seven Jewels to summon a Fire Dragon to enforce his absolute rule. Ever since, the open use of magic against the king has meet with swift retribution. Now, Princess Robyn has turned against her father's misdeeds and sent out a summons for the six mages and their allies to unite their powers and come to Gemfire for a showdown with the king. If they succeed, then Ismeria's curse will end. If not, well, better not to think about that.

A Risk-style strategy game with some limited RPG elements thrown in as well. Not particularly impressive, as there are better titles available in this genre.