No.  Code  Effect
   1  BBKT-AA8T  Invincible!
   2  RFKT-A6VA  Don't lose health from time passing
   3  NPBA-FA9C + NPBA-EAG8  Select up to 99 credits per player
   4  1BYA-E0GE  Maximum health per coin in 3,000
   5  VBYA-FGGE  Maximum health per coin in 5,000
   6  CBYA-ERRE  Maximum health per coin in 10,000
Codes 7 to 10 are for practice only. Leave treasure rooms through normal exits, NOT warping exits.
   7  BJGA-AAD0 + BJGA-AADE  Start Arcade mode on Level 10
   8  CTGA-AAD0 + CTGA-AADE  Start Arcade mode on Level 20
   9  GJGA-AAD0 + GJGA-AADE  Start Arcade mode on Level 50
 10  NTGA-AAD0 + NTGA-AADE  Start Arcade mode on Level 100
 11  AKXT-AA66 + RFXT-A6X4  Infinite keys on pick-up--can switch on/off
 12  RFXT-A6X4  You can open doors without a key
 13  AKGT-AA5W  Infinite potions on pick-up--can switch on/off
 14  AKGT-AA3G + AKGT-AASW    You can use a potion even if you don't have one
 15  PB4T-ACAY  Temporary invisibility lasts 1/3x normal
 16  DV4T-AEAY  Temporary invisibility lasts 1/2x normal
 17  RB4T-ATAY  Temporary invisibility lasts 2x normal
 18  ZB4T-A2AY  Temporary invisibility lasts 3x normal
 19  REFA-E6YL  Temporary invisibility lasts forever
 20  AJDA-CA5Y + AJCT-CA84  Set attributes to anything you want in Camp
 21  AM9T-AA58  All items that you can afford are free
 22  B59A-AA86  All items are free
 23  H6BA-CACA  Start with heal drink, warp wing and all rings from vendors
 24  AJ2A-CA54  Don't lose heal drink when used
 25  AJ2A-CA8C  Don't lose warp wing when used

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