No.  Code  Effect
   1  AJ2T-AA3C  Never lose a shield when shot
 Makes some enemies invincible; turn off to kill them
   2  AT2T-AA44  Protection from some falls--Some falls still kill you
   3  AM2A-WAH4  Start with 1 shield
   4  AS2A-WAH4  Start with 2 shields
   5  AX2A-WAH4  Start with 3 shields
   6  A52A-WAH4  Start with 5 shields
   7  BS2A-WAH4  Start with 10 shields
   8  C12A-WAH4  Start with 20 shields
   9  GS2A-WAH4  Start with 50 shields
 10  N12A-WAH4  Start with 100 shields
 11  GM6T-WAA4  Start with 50 credits
 12  NX6T-WAA4  Start with 100 credits
 13  HV9T-BELR + NV9T-AACT    Credit packs worth 100 credits
 14  HV9T-BELR + 7B9T-AGCT  Credit packs worth 1,000 credits
 15  HV9T-BELR + CB9T-ARLT  Credit packs worth 10,000 credits
 16  RGBT-A6T4  Always have enough money to buy
 17  RGBT-A6XN  Don't need to charge magnetic cartridge
 18  DJ2T-AA5C  Squat down and shoot gun to slide thru walls & trees. (And you won't fall.)
 Allows you to go places you normally can't go.
 Stand up to stop sliding. (Best if used with code 2)

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