Game F-15 Strike Eagle 2
Author/Vendor MicroProse
Released 1993
Game Type Flight simulator
Language English
Screen Flickers!
Screen Flickers!
Gens (0.98)
The 8-bit classic roars back to life in a new 16-bit version loaded with the fast action and vivid graphics that were the trademark of the original. Enhancements include all-new 3D solid polygon graphics, a quarter of a million square miles of authentic terrain divided among four battle zones, streamlined flight and weapons control, a new "no crash" option, and true distance scaling. In the words of Computer Shopper (1990), "This may be the best air-combat simulator you've ever flown." Ported from the home computer version.

So much had to be recoded and reduced in order to port this to the Genesis that the end result is pretty much useless. It's kinda hard to have a full-blown flight sim that runs off of a three-button gamepad. No thanks -I'll take the personal computer version, because at least then I can get at all the controls. It's a shame, you know, because this was one cool military fighter sim in its day.