Game Ecco 2 the Tides of Time
Author/Vendor Novotrade
Released 1994
Game Type Action Adventure
Language English
Minor graphics problems in intro!
Gens (0.98)
After defeating the Vortex ECCO returns to earth a hero. Unknown to ECCO the Vortex Queen has escaped destruction and followed the Pod back to earth and is building a new hive and so starts your adventure.

The ECCO games are a little hard to pigeon hole, the G3 calls them Platformers but I think Action Adventure would probably be more accurate. ECCO 2 has better sound and graphics than it's predecessor, not that there's anything wrong with the graphics in the first game. There's a cool 3D subgame when moving between levels, ECCO also gets a few new talents as the game progresses and there is a little more variety to the gameplay this time round. As with the original game it gets a little tough later on but it's well worth playing.