Game Double Dribble - The Playoff Edition
(Hyper Dunk - Playoff Edition)
Author/Vendor Konami
Released 1994
Game Type Sports
Language English
No Multi-tap (3/4 player) support.
No Multi-tap (3/4 player) support.
Gens (0.99)
Only partial Multi-tap support. Click Here for Multi-Tap setup!
Wow! A major overhaul to an arcade classic, and how! Ain't it nice to be able to play full-team, full-court hoops without having to worry much about the rules or the ref?

Before NBA Jam, there was Double Dribble. A basketball game with no simulation elements to drag gameplay down whatsoever.

The original 8-bit game, Double Dribble, was not released for the Genesis. Many people make the common mistake of confusing this game with its ancestor.